Project Itinerary Wizard for New and In-Process Projects

All projects begin by creating a project itinerary, via the project itinerary wizard. Once a project itinerary is created, it should be deposited in a digital repository and a DOI created for the project.

The project itinerary wizard asks those planning and launching new projects to map out their overall vision and goals, their resources, and the steps they will take to move the project forward and complete it. Since DH work—particularly in its early stages—is iterative and subject to revision and rethinking, changes in focus, direction, or materials are normal; indeed, openness to such changes and the willingness to make them are essential to every project’s success.

Copy this link to the form below to transfer the Project Itinerary Wizard to your local computer or to that of your institution. The template will direct you to Cognito Forms to complete the Wizard. Once you have downloaded the template, form responses will be delivered to the email account you designate. Do not fill out the form here, as it will send your responses to DDP website administrators.