The project lead of the DDP is Dr. Laura K. Morreale. She would like to acknowledge the many years of conversation and collaboration among the following contributors:

At Fordham University:

Clifford Anderson, Vanderbilt University

Katherina Fostano, Fordham University

Sean Gilsdorf, Harvard University

John Glennan, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Shawn Hill, Fordham University

Heather V. Hill, Fordham University

Maryanne Kowaleski, Fordham University

Timothy Ryan Mendenhall, Columbia University

Barbara Mundy, Fordham University

Nancy Partner, McGill University

Nicholas Paul, Fordham University

Stephen Powell, Rutgers University


Please use the following citation:

Fostano, Katherina and Laura K. Morreale. “The Digital Documentation Process.” The Digital Documentation Process. January 31, 2019. Accessed [date].