Self Archiving Using Zenodo

Not all self-archivers will use Zenodo, but this page will take users step-by-step through the DDP from the Archiving Wizard to completed catalogue entry using the resources found on this site, Cognito Forms, and Zenodo.

  1. Make sure you have imported the management of the Archiving Wizard to your system (whether on an institutional or personal computer) by downloading an instance of Cognito forms to your computer, then making your own copy of the Archiving Wizard to house on your Cognito account and administering it from there. This set of Click-by-click instructions will guide you through that process.

  2. Once the responses to Part 1 of the Archiving Wizard have been submitted (an email will be sent to the administrator of the Cognito account), go to the “Entries” tab on the form.

  3. When you click on the appropriate response-set, a dialogue box will open to the left of the screen. Choose the pdf icon, which will list three templates, the Archiving Dossier Narrative, Responses to Part 1, and DDP to Zenodo transfer.

  4. Clicking on the DDP to Zenodo Transfer template will create and export a Word document to your computer with form responses inserted into the document.

  5. Go to Zenodo and create an account (this is free). Click the “new uploads” button.

  6. Drag and Drop or upload the collected project files (listed on the DDP to Zenodo Transfer Document) into Zenodo.

  7. You will be sent to a screen to create the metadata about your project. Make sure to reserve a DOI for your project. Once the DOI is reserved, it should be inserted into the final draft of the Archiving Dossier Narrative.

  8. Complete the rest of the metadata fields, transferring the information from the DDP to Zenodo Transfer document to the Zenodo fields.

  9. Once the information is transferred, push “publish”. The DOI and Catalogue Record URL will be created. Insert these into your Archiving Dossier Narrative, and move to Part 2 of the Archiving Dossier Wizard.

Below is a screen shot of a project archived in Zenodo. If you follow the link to the DOI of the Persistent Identifier, you will see the Archiving Dossier Narrative has been uploaded as a preview of the project.

Screenshot 2019-01-16 09.12.59